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Cheap Cell Phones – The Best Bet For Teenagers


Mobiles have become useful and important for a cross section of people. Right from a businessman to the elderly who wish to keep in touch with their family and close ones, to the youngsters who are just beginning their college – the mobile has become important for everyone. In fact, the teenage market is a huge one for cell phone manufacturers, and there are several mobile plans and features that are specifically aimed towards this market. In spite of the wide variety of mobiles that are available for teenagers, cheap mobiles still make a good decision for them. Here are three reasons why teenagers should buy cell phones that are cheap.

Teenagers lead a Busy Life:

From home to school and school to college and so on and so forth, a teenager comes across at least five instances where they can lose their mobile phones. In the event that teenagers lose cell phones, there are good opportunities that they have to wait a long time before they buy a new one – the more expensive the mobile, the longer the time. Therefore, it is always suggested that teenagers buy cheap, basic cell phones, so that they would not be too affected if they lose it somewhere.

The World of Teenagers is all about Change

Today they want a phone that can send only texts, while then next day they want a phone that can do everything except sending texts. Right now the slider phone is the in thing and they want it, and the next month the clamshell phone is the path to achievable glory. Because of the changing trends and fashions, which the teenagers usually adhere to, they should buy cheap mobiles, so that they can keep shopping for newer technologies and features as and when they are launched.

Teenagers are on a Budget:

Come to think of it, the more expensive the phone the more features it has, and the more features it has, the more amount of money one would spend on the monthly bills. For example, if someone has a cell phone that supports GPRS, they get the chance to browse the Internet, which is a package in itself. The next step comes when one understands that they can download themes, games, ringtones etc on their mobile – which again costs money.

All said and done, at the end of the month the person would be flabbergasted at the total amount of money spent on themes, ringtones and games just because they were easily downloadable. To prevent such a situation, a teenager should buy a featureless mobile, which will not have the features that will go away them to spend money.

Getting the Best Mobile Phone Plan Via Mobile Plan Comparison


So you’ve decided to finally buy a car. You have been saving for years and working two jobs just to get that model you’ve always wanted to have. You go to the first auto dealer downtown, choose a color, and, without doing a test drive, unload your cash and speed off with the car so you can show it off to everybody. Later on, you find out that there’s another model that has more features and is offered at a discounted price because the auto dealer happens to be celebrating its anniversary. You then start moping, wishing that you had visited several car dealers before making a purchase.

This same situation has happened to many people over and over, and it’s because they did not do comparison shopping before parting with their hard-earned cash. If you visit several stores and compare the features and price of what you want to get before buying it, you can later rest assured that you got the best value for your money. It’s always smart to take your time when shopping, especially if what you’re buying is expensive. This is when you need to turn off the impulse buyer in you in case you have the tendency to just go for the first item you see in a store.

The same is true when getting a mobile phone plan. Just because a mobile phone provider is offering the latest smartphone model for free doesn’t mean you will immediately sign up with them so you can get your hands on that smartphone. It’s always smart (no pun intended) to do a mobile plan comparison before committing to a contract that could tie you up with one provider for two years.

To get the most ideal plan for you, you can start your decision-making as to which provider to sign up with either based on the phone you want or your expected usage – or both. Certainly, you don’t want to get a plan that either limits your average phone usage or has a limit that’s way beyond your expected usage, which means you can end up paying for something that you don’t even use. You also need to decide whether you want a prepaid or a cap plan. Both, of course, have their own set of pros and cons. Again, the decision you’ll make on which type of plan to choose has to depend on how you intend to use your phone, whether it includes browsing the internet or you’re just using it for calls and text messages.

Planning to get a new phone soon? Do a mobile plan comparison and get the most ideal mobile phone plan for you.

Ten Cool Smartphone Apps to Try


Now that you’ve purchased your iPhone or Android, you’re probably already at the app store shopping for games and other tools to add to it. Veteran smart phone owners may warn you not to go overboard on applying too many, so that you end up scrolling screen after screen to get something something important. It’s fun to experiment with new apps as you try out your new toy, but knowing exactly what you want for it can help make the shopping decision much easier.

What are the coolest apps to try? It may depend on your definition of “cool,” and what things interest you the most. If you’re interested in keeping up with sports scores, or searching for easy recipes, there are applications to help you. If enjoy games, you’ll find there are some that work even in the remotest areas where your service can not reach you. Looking for ideas? Here are a few programs with general appeal you may wish to test on your iPhone, Android, or other brand. Some are free, others are paid, but all are worth exploration.

1) Google Earth – See the world on your screen. Google Earth on mobile displays any location on the planet with diverse geographic and topographic information.

2) Bookworm – Similar to Tetris, this word-based puzzle game is equally addictive, and has the added bonus of helping you sharpen your vocal skills.

3) Yelp – The app version of this popular social review network helps you track down the best bars and eateries, wherever you are. Get reviews before you make those reservations.

4) Amazon Kindle – With Amazon.com’s proprietary electronic book reader, you can turn your phone into a library. Download samples of hot bestsellers, check out free stories, and buy a book anytime, anywhere when you feel the need to read.

5) The Negotiator – The app version of Priceline.com earns coolness points not only for the tough as nails Williams Shatner screenshot that opens the program, but for the ease of use in finding affordable flights and rentals for travel.

6) Cupcakes! – Who does not like cupcakes? With this neat game you can create your own flavor combinations, decorate, and e-mail to friends. Best of all, they’re all fat free!

7) ESPN Fantasy Baseball – Check on your teams with your mobile phone, make trades and stay updated on all the scores. You do not have to worry much about not getting home in time for the game with this app.

8) Shazam – Do not you hate when you hear a song and do not know who is singing? Download and launch Shazam, hold your phone to the music, and it will give you the artist info and a link to buy in iTunes.

9) Pandora – One of the more popular streaming music apps, Pandora lets you set up channels based on your tastes. You’ll hear your favorite artists alongside similar bands the app recommends.

10) Tweetdeck – On Twitter and Facebook? Tweetdeck lets you check both, so there’s no need to download two separate apps to view your social networks. Post status updates, organize the accounts you follow, and share photos.

With these apps on your smartphone, you can stay updated on the latest news and sports, read up on the classics, and plan a trip anywhere. There’s no limit to what you can discover and achieve.

Best iPhone 4 Apps


Businessmen often prefer the iPhone 4 over its predecessor because it has so many more features. The most notable among them is its multitasking function, which means that it can run an application on the background while checking the news and browsing the internet.

Multitasking is an important system applied by businessmen to save time and effort, resulting to better efficiency. Consequently, they look for the best iPhone 4 apps for business that will help them perform their tasks more effectively.

There are almost half a million of these applications that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Here is a list of the 10 best iPhone 4 apps for business that many businessmen have found to be beneficial.

Dropbox. The first on the list of best iPhone 4 apps, Dropbox is the easiest way to synchronize and share your files online and across your computers as it lets you view photos, videos, document, and presentations while on the go. You can save photos and videos taken using the camera of your iPhone to your Dropbox and send or share the same files.

Evernote helps you to remember anything and everything that happens in your life. You can put your notes, ideas, photos, and recordings to Evernote and watch as it accesses your account wherever you are and synchronizes from your iPhone to your computer.

LinkedIn allows you to access your professional network with LinkedIn via iPhone. Discover and connect with millions of LinkedIn members worldwide, read the most recent news in the industry, keep in touch with your groups, and share content with your network from all over the place.

TextPlus. Send text messages to any US or Canadian 10-digit mobile number and app-to-app messaging anywhere in the world for Free! One can also find Facebook friends on textPlus and then send them voice notes to anyone.

Twitter. Follow your interests and know what is happening around the world. Tweet, retweet, favorite or send a direct message to any of your followers or friends. Share photos, videos and web pages. Perform a real-time search, view maps, trends, and follow.

Free Wi-Fi Finder. Instantly locate free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots wherever you are in the world. Free Wi-Fi Finder uses your iPhone’s GPS and its network capabilities to find where the free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots are in your area.

Bump. Sharing with photos and contacts people becomes fast and easy with Bump. Simply pick the file that you want to send, hold your phones together, and then gently “bump” hands with the other person who is also using Bump App. Comparing Facebook friends and becoming Facebook friends has never been as quick with Bump!

Box.net for iPhone allows you to access your Box.net account and open documents, photos, music, and videos using your iPhone anywhere you are. Stream music and videos that can not fit on your iPhone, or read PDF, Word, or Excel files while on the road.

FedEx Mobile for iPhone provides the latest tracking information of your shipment by simply entering your FedEx tracking number so that you can immediately redeem the status of your shipment. You can also personalize your viewing by tagging shipments, adding notes, or making a watch list for supervising significant shipments.

XE Currency allows the user to convert over 180 currencies since the busy and active life. Considered as one of the best iPhone 4 apps, it can also convert prices and store the last updated rates so it works even if you are not connected to the Internet.

The list of the best iPhone 4 apps for business is endless. Some of the apps included on the list are paid while some are free so download it now. Take your pick, maximize their functionalities, and enjoy!